Rickson Kallestewa


Rickson Kallestewa's carvings are easily identifiable. Among many of his hallmarks are the happy, content and peaceful expressions on all his animals. Learning more about Rickson's creative process we come to see how this common thread in his artwork is no mere coincidence. 

The following is a brief bio./artist's statement kindly provided by Rickson. 

Keshhi (“Hello" in Zuni). My name is Rickson Kallestewa. I’m from Zuni Pueblo and I have been carving fetishes off and on since my early 20’s. Only recently have I carved more as a source of income. Most people here in Zuni are into some kind of art. Maybe 70% [or more] of the people make their living from art.

For me it takes time and patience to really bring out the best in [my] art. But the most important factor is to be happy and free of sadness when you are doing your art. I think art reflects on you, so I hope my fetishes bring happiness, kindness, strength and peace to everybody’s heart.

Thank you,

Rick Kallestewa

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