Santa Fean Magazine  |  April - May 2017 Issue
Bronwyn Fox named by the Santa Fean Magazine as one of the "People We Love."  

USA Today's 10 Best Places to Shop in Santa Fe!

Keshi was nominated to USA Today's 10 Best list for the top 10 best places to shop in Santa Fe!


Natural History Magazine - April 2015

Pick up a copy of Natural History magazine, which features a fabulous piece by carver Esteban Najera. His work, as well as other Zuni Fetish carvers are featured in an article entitled, Art of the Zuni Fetish. This article is in the April 2015 issue.


Native Peoples Magazine - March/April 2014

There is a great article about Keshi. It is entitled Keshi: The Zuni Connection; Small Santa Fe gallery features work of more than 500 Zuni carvers. The article was written by Russ Tall Chief.


Main Street Program

Zuni Pueblo in western New Mexico has been selected as the First Native American community to be part of the Main Street Program, which is run by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the New Mexico Economic Development Department.


Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian

We are proud to announce 2012-2013 Fellowship awards from the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian to following artists Keshi has been associated with:

  • Mallery Quetawki (Zuni), Painter - The Easter Fellowship
  • Matthias Eustace-Hanelt (Cochiti/Zuni), Jeweler - The Jacob D. Morgan Fellowship
  • Isaiah Calabaza (Santo Domingo), Jeweler - The Wolfus Family Fellowship


American Indian - Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian

The new "green" digital version of American Indian, the award-winning membership magazine of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian is now available for all to enjoy! American Indian is the very first digital magazine offered by a Smithsonian museum. Read it online by visiting our 'links' category under 'American Indian Magazine', then click on "Current Issue'.


Santa Fe Monthly - April 2014

Run and grab your copies of the April 2014 issue of Santa Fe Monthly. It features a great article about Salvador Romero, a Cochiti carver, written by our very own Susan McDuffie!


Feed Your Fetish - Santa Selection

Here is a great blog written by Maria Johnson, called Feed Your Fetish at Keshi-The Zuni Connection, which appeared in Santa Selection, an online travel guide featuring all the best of Santa Fe...Read More


Glossed & Found: Travel: Jewelry Artist Gomeo Bobelu

Born into the Badger Clan and Child of the Corn Clan, GOMEO BOBELU crafts his art through the lens of his Zuni Native American heritage. Gomeo’s life as a silversmith has been experimental and transcendent. Read More


A Charmed Life - Fetishes establish a link to animal spirits 

The hunter prayed, then sprinkled prayer meal in the direction that he planned to start on his hunt. He tugged a small stone bear out of his pouch, held it to his lips and inhaled, breathing in its animal spirit. -Native American legend

The little stone bear is a “we-me,” translating directly to “animal” in Zuni...Read More

A Fetish for Carving - Zuni craft takes a contemporary twist

Carver Hayes Leekya works with his hands and his heart. He enters his small workshop outside his house, puts on his denim apron and reaches for a stone. Leekya holds the piece and studies the weight, the lines of color and the shape. This tan chunk of rock will be a horse. He sits at his workbench, presses the stone to his grinding wheel, and with...Read More


Business Profiles: Of Fetishes and Other Obsessions - Keshi was a tiny shop tucked into a downtown Santa Fe pedestrian mall when Robin Dunlap took over a craft cooperative that she and other teachers had helped set up at Zuni Pueblo. It was 1981, and the shop sold jewelry, plus a few carved fetishes.

With the surge of fascination in Native America in the late 1980s, demand for the talismans swelled to the point that Keshi moved into a much larger...Read More


Carved in Stone - While Capturing the essences of the animals they depict, Zuni fetishes also capture collectors' hearts

Who can resist the spell of a talisman so small it fits into the palm of your hand? The tiny stone carvings known as Zuni fetishes, or wemawe, are not just charming, they are also endowed with special powers. Believed to be real animals shrunken and petrified in prehistory with...Read More


Feed Your Fetish at Keshi-The Zuni Connection - Here is a great blog written by Maria Johnson, called Feed Your Fetish at Keshi-The Zuni Connection. which appeared in Santa Selection, an online travel guide featuring all the best of Santa Fe. Read More


In Step with Santa Fe Style - Finding a piece of art you can call your own in Santa Fe is a challenge. The cheap stuff is almost inevitably bad and kitschy (howling coyotes, kokopelli figures playing a flute and hump-backed turquoise bears). Most of the contemporary, original work is priced for bond traders from New York or the Gene Hackman-types who have adobe homes up in the hills. For the rest of us, there's Keshi...Read More


KESHI ... The Zuni Connection - This quaint Santa Fe shop has earned a worldwide reputation as the source for one of the finest selections of authentic Zuni art. 

The woman who has just walked in the door has been studying Zuni fetishes for several months prior to this, her first trip to Santa Fe. Having finally arrived, she is directed downtown to Keshi, tucked inside the Santa Fe Village, a collection of...Read More


Marketing Authenticity - Store focuses on Zuni art

Near the door to Santa Fe-based Keshi: the Zuni Connection is a rack of informational pamphlets and Xeroxed newspaper articles. Books on Native American art and jewelry vie for space near the cash register. Many focus on the work of members of the Zuni Pueblo in western New Mexico, who have a reputation for impeccable craftsmanship...Read More


Sacred Power Tales of the City Different

According to Zuni lore, in the early years the Sun sent down his two children in order to help humans. From their shields shot lightning bolts which destroyed predators that were killing people. Since then, as Zunis have traveled across their lands in Western New Mexico, when they’ve come across a stone shaped like a particular animal, they’ve taken it up...Read More


Salvador Romero - Considered a Zuni form, fetishes have been carved since around 600 A.D. Most Native tribes used the charms, but the Zuni have become known for the quality of their workmanship. Today the refinement and creativity involved in the carving of fetishes has muddied the ago-old distinction between craft and art...Read More


Santa Fe Shopping - Each time I head out to shop in northern New Mexico, I'm amazed by the number of handcrafts, pieces of art, and artifacts I find. There's a broad range of work, from very traditional Native American crafts and Hispanic folk art to extremely innovative contemporary work...Read More


Shopper's Guide - "This is one of the region's most reputable dealers of Zuni crafts, specializing in fetishes and fetish jewelry. Ask the helpful staff about other Zuni works you may be less familiar with -- interesting works of pottery, beadwork, and other unique pieces. Keshi is endorsed by the Council for Indigenous Arts and Culture." From the book: MADE IN THE SOUTHWEST, A Shopper's Guide to the Region...Read More


Spring break for grown-ups - Must-see sights: Artistic inspiration is everywhere in Santa Fe – in the sky, the mountains, and the cliffs where layers of lava have settled into wavy ribbons. You can see the results in the crafts of the Native American artisans who display their creations, from silver and turquoise jewelry, to...Read More


The Real Business Behind Owning A Business - Honestly, I consider myself to be an incredibly fortunate woman, personally and professionally. I grew up in various locations around New Mexico, though mostly in Santa Fe, and so I feel anchored here. I have also been blessed with the ability to travel to and live in many places in the United States and elsewhere, which I believe has granted me a unique perspective...Read More