Royston Turquoise Grandmother Fetish Pendant Necklace

By Burt Awelagte

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Royston turquoise is mined in Nevada, beloved for wonderful color ranging from rich sky blue to deep greens. The hues can form together in the same stone along with lovely brown mottled or webbed matrix. Burt Awelagte's exquisite fetish pendant necklace features a carved Royston turquoise Zuni Grandmother. Her shawl is etched with a lot of hovering Dragonflies, while facial features are from inlaid turquoise. Jet inlays serve as a necklace. The gorgeous fetish pendant is strung with a myriad of golden amber beads to a length of approximately 26" long. The pendant itself is roughly 2 5/8" long and 2" wide.

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