Kaleidoscopic Channel Inlay Cuff Bracelet

By Eldrick & Charlotte Seoutewa

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In the channel inlay jewelry technique, each stone and shell has to be meticulously cut to fit into a precise sterling silver channel. Zuni Pueblo jewelers Eldrick and Charlotte Seoutewa have mastered this method in their gorgeously handmade cuff bracelet. Each colorful wheel-like station has triangular inlays from lovely red coral, mother-of-pearl, gold lip shell, spiny oyster shell, malachite, turquoise, jet, lapis lazuli, denim lapis and azurite. The Seoutewa's kaleidoscopic cuff bracelet has an entire inner circumference of approximately 6 3/4", which includes the opening of about 1 5/8". It's about 5/8" wide and is signed by the artists. Please click here to determine wrist size.

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