A "Special" Bear

By Bryson Bobelu

Animal: Bear, Material: Travertine
This offering is sold.
This face! The joy that this Bear carries is contagious. Everyone needs that one friend who you can count on to help you turn that frown in to a smile. This is that friend. Carved from a hefty piece of Zuni travertine, Bryson Bobelu used the tilt of this stone to his advantage. He specifically called this a "special" bear and it's easy to see why. The with head cocked to the side the bear's inlaid turquoise face beams with joy. The bright turquoise stone superbly complements the warm honey color of the Zuni travertine, which is polished to a high shine. In hand the bear nestles perfectly in the palm with a calming heaviness. This delightful and nurturing creature measures about 2 5/8" long, 2" wide by 2 1/8" tall.