"Warrior Wolf"

By Ray Tsalate

Animal: Wolf, Material: Antler
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This "Warrior Wolf" masterwork is presented by Ray Tsalate. He adorned this antler canine with accoutrement necessary to be successful in the hunt. We see this fabulous animal holding a wooden spear with a mother-of-pearl point secured by copper wiring. A protective shield overlaid with a turquoise bird, inlaid with a red coral eye, along with several lovely black lip shell carved feathers, aides in the hunt.

This bushytail also wears an incredible inlaid necklace consisting of layers upon layers of luscious red coral and turquoise. The back of "Warrior Wolf's" attire is inlaid with an abalone Dragonfly, a spiral element and little people to help in the quest. Their faces are inlaid with colorful pieces of turquoise, red coral, malachite, gold lip shell, Afghan travertine, pink coral, opal, pen shell and lapis.

"Warrior Wolf" has sweet yet discerning eyes and a nose of inlaid pen shell. A single carved antler feather rests permanently on this canine's head, along with inlaid oval sections of crushed Afghan travertine, coral and jet. We also see a repeating line design inlaid on the head area, of jet. 

Ray burnt out the ears, tail, fringe and traditional boots of this wolf for further fabulous detail. Don't miss this important showpiece.

"Warrior Wolf" is about 5 3/4" tall, 3 1/4" wide and 5" deep including spear. Extra shipping charges may apply.

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