Wabi-Sabi Owl Hanging

By Robert Michael Weahkee

Animal: Owl, Material: Antler
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By embracing imperfection, you can enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of the world around you. Robert Michael Weahkee's Wabi-Sabi collection is composed of fetish animals hewn from found antler that may be broken off and imperfect, they way he discovered them in their natural, humble-like state as seen in this wonderful Owl hanging. The shed antler has amazing bony core texture, while plumage is etched and burnished. Eyes are from jet in turquoise. An offering necklace is made from gorgeous quartz, citrine, amber and lemon quartz beads. Dimensions are about 8 1/4" long with a 4 1/2" leather loop, 2" wide and 1 1/2" deep. Please click here to read Robert's fascinating artist's statement.

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