Two Ravens Pyrogravure

By Cameron Kalestewa

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Pyrography is the art of producing a design on wood by applying heat and pressure. This medium is gaining new popularity among artists in recent years. Literally meaning “writing with fire”, pyrogravure art is a highly skilled free-hand technique with origins that go back to the earliest days of humankind. Cameron Kalestewa’s wood wall hanging exhibits a mastery of this fascinating artform, bringing to life a scene of two bright Ravens either perched or soaring above their pueblo home. The tonality seen in their plumage is exquisitely worked. A checkered border with star, pueblo buildings and a basket of Six-Directional-colored corn cobs and other inspiring elements accent this striking composition. The acrylic paints are vibrant. A fine and subtle golden-hued glitter varnish seals in all the beauty of this approximately 15 1/4" long, 15 1/4" wide and 3/4" deep work. Signed by the artist.

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