"The Over Look" Original Acrylic Painting

By Anthony Gchachu

Animal: Magpie, Material: Acrylic Paints
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We're happy to welcome Anthony Gchachu to Keshi's website with his original "The Over Look" acrylic painting from his Land Of The Shalako series. The stretched canvas on wood frame, which measures about 12" wide, 12" tall and 1/2" deep easily draws our eye to an enchanted magpie perched at the best vantage point high a top a Zuni evergreen mountain range. In the background, a soaring magpie and a gorgeously perched one unite this family of perceptive flyers. Anthony comes from a long line of Zuni potters but at a young age was drawn to acrylics. His traditional landscapes are collected by many for their meaningful beauty. Signed by the artist. Extra shipping charges may apply.

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