Stone To Stone Lapis, Sugilite, Pen Shell & Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Inlaid Ring

By Veronica Poblano

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Veronica Poblano's handmade sterling silver ring is an attention getter. She's skillfully cut lapis lazuli, precious sugilite, pen shell and luxurious Sleeping Beauty turquoise, raising and beveling them like cobblestones to create this striking mosaic presentation. They are handsomely set side by side in the difficult to do, stone-to-stone jewelry technique. A lovely twisted silver rope adorns one side of this ring size 10 1/2. The inlaid station tapers from about 3/4" to 1/4" wide. Signed by the artist with her sterling signature label. Veronica is an award-winning Zuni Pueblo artist whose father was iconic Zuni carver Leo Poblano (d), the nephew of Teddy Weahkee (d). Teddy was known for his traditional fetish carvings, inlaid jewelry and other wonderful and important works.

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