Stichtite Feathered Friend On Leaf Of Black Lip Shell

By Veronica Poblano

Animal: Bird, Material: Stichtite
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Veronica Poblano's artistic Zuni lineage is important. Her father, iconic Zuni carver Leo Poblano (d) was the nephew of Teddy Weahkee (d). Their enormous contribution to Zuni fetish carving and jewelry continues with Veronica and her daughter Jovanna Poblano.

Permanently perched on a gorgeously carved black lip shell leaf, with crushed turquoise and a few bits of red coral, is this amazing feathered friend of stichtite. Veronica inlaid its lovely wings with turquoise and lapis. Friendly turquoise eyes take in the view, while a flat crest of feathers on its head is overlaid pen shell. About 2 1/4" long, 1" wide and 1 1/8" tall.

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