"Spring Turkey" Original Painting

By Anthony Gchachu

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Zuni painter Anthony Gchachu latest offering is titled "Spring Turkey". Anthony has recently been captivated by the technique of gold foiling as a background. The resulting paintings have a wonderful glow with colors that are elevated, vibrant and almost leap off the canvas. Turkeys, are an important animal in Zuni culture. They are found wild in the Zuni Mountains and traditionally raised as domesticated livestock. There is a Zuni fable of the "Turkey Girl" which loosely parallels the European story of Cinderella while emphasizing the lesson that there is reward in tending to your responsibilities and much to loose if they are neglected. Anthony's original painting acrylic and gold foil on canvas is signed and includes the lovely black and gold frame which measures about 4" wide, 5" tall by 1 1/4" deep.

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