Serene Maiden Pendant

By Gomeo Bobelu

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Gomeo Bobelu's jewelry is sculpturally stunning. This peaceful maiden pendant is a treasure. Her serene face is carved from clam, her hair is incised pen shell. Wrapped in a shawl formed from mother of pearl shell, her pink mussel shell hands come together over her heart in a gesture of centering calm. The luminescent shawl is boarded with spiny oyster shell and pen shell. Her traditional leg wrappings are more mother of pearl with pen shell toes. Gomeo has honored this fine maiden with a necklace of turquoise and branch coral. Set in sterling silver, this large pendant is about 5" long and 1 3/4" wide. A generous bale will accommodate your favorite string of beads or a silver chain sold separately. A fine art collectable signed by the artist.

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