Nutria Rock Sasquatch

By Ricky Laahty

Animal: Sasquatch, Material: Nutria Stone
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Chief Mischelle of the Indigenous First Nations People Nlaka'pamux in British Columbia told stories of mysterious creatures living in forests to ethnologist Charles Hill-Tout in 1898. He named the creature by a Salish variant meaning "wild-men", se'sxa, or "Sasquatch". Other Native Peoples around the globe, both in past and present times, have similar narratives and sightings of this very tall humanoid ape-like creature that inhabits the woods, a being that should be respected and left alone.

Ricky Laahty's collectible Sasquatch has been carved from local Nutria stone which are found rocks from the Nutria area of the reservation and can be either travertine, agate or jasper. Lots of etching marks create fur effect. Mysterious eyes are from perhaps shell, created in a trade secret method by Ricky. A permanantely attached necklace has a carved variscite bird bead, worn by this roughly 5 3/8" tall, 3 1/4" wide and 1 1/8" deep creature of the forest as it walks by.

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