Catch me If You Can Jackrabbit

By Salvador Romero, Cochiti

Animal: Rabbit, Material: Found Stone
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A marvelous jackrabbit rockets out from under a sagebrush canopy. These large-eared hares run fast, up to 40 mph! in a zig zag pattern to evade Coyotes, Hawks, and other predators. Salvador Romero's jackrabbit (or Rabbit) is captured mid-stride. The long oversized ears, up to 7" long, help this friend regulate its body temperature by cooling the blood when theĀ  desert sun burns brightest. Some jackrabbits can reach 2 feet in length, that's almost double the size of their desert neighbor cottontails. Salvador's jackrabbit is about 3 1/" long, 3/4" wide, and 2" tall.

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