Reversible Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & Coral Dragonfly Necklace & Earrings Set

By Smokey Gchachu

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Ancient Dragonflies are traditionally recognized as a sign of water, because where there is water, there is life. Many delightful dragonflies swarm on Smokey Gchachu's unprecedented necklace and earrings set from sterling silver. What's extraordinary is that both the gorgeous necklace and coordinating earrings are reversible. Imagine the expertise, time and attention to detail this set required. Thanks to a custom turn-hinge feature Smokey designed, the earrings can be worn either way. One side hosts amazing Sleeping Beauty turquoise, while the reverse side boasts incredible red coral. The necklace's hand woven chain is about 19" long, while the earrings dangle at approximately 2" long and 1" wide. The individual dragonflies are about 1" long and 1" wide. Signed by the artist.

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