Graceful Corn Maidens

By Kateri Quandelacy Sanchez

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These graceful maidens are the result of collaboration between Kateri Quandelacy Sanchez and her daughter Jada. Carved from luminous gold lip mother of pearl shell, Kateri carved one side and Jada the other. Can you tell who carved which maiden? Kateri's maiden is adorned with an inlaid turquoise cabochon, her shawl is decorated with flowers the centers of which are inlaid pink coral, red coral, and sugilite. Jada's maiden has kernels of inlaid sugilite, red coral, pipestone, and turquoise. A turquoise adornment is set at her neck and her shawl is decorated with incised Dragonflies and stars. This wonderful mother and daughter creation is about 2 1/2" tall and 1 3/4" wide.