"Rain Dancer Spirit From The Kiva" Katsina

By Tiffany Tsabetsaye

Animal: Rain Dancer Katsina Doll, Material: Cottonwood Root
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Tiffany Tsabetsaye's hand-carved traditional cottonwood root "Rain Dancer, Spirit From The Kiva" Kokokshi katsina doll is about 9" tall, 3" wide and 3" deep at the gorgeously burnished base. Using colorful acrylic paints, he's detailed this katsina in a precise and exact manner as he emerges from his kiva home, which is complete with "vigas", adobe bricks, doors and windows in burnished detail. Kokokshi are the most sacred of all the rain makers and bring the gentle summer rains that nourish the land and make it green. Signed by the artist. Extra shipping charges may apply.

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