Playful Mountain Lion With Salmon Friend

By Loren Tsalabutie

Animal: Mountain Lion, Material: Dendritic Soapstone
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Loren Tsalabutie shared with us these fascinating words regarding his masterful work: "The process I go through is first picking out a stone that is naturally shaped like the animals I’m going to carve, then after a stone is chosen comes the fun part of carving where I utilize my motor and grinding wheel followed by my dremel and diamond bits, this part is where I carve underwater it helps prevent the dust from becoming airborne and also helps with the cooling of the stone and diamond bits. The final steps are sanding and polishing." Loren's artistry is so similar to his father, carving great Jeffery Tsalabutie (d).

Loren's turquoise-eyed Mountain-lion (cougar, puma or panther) has a wonderful feline face and a playful spirit as it holds a salmon friend carved from orange spiny oyster shell. The water creature also has turquoise eyes. The feline from dendritic soapstone wears an offering necklace from lapis, coral and pearl beads. It is non removable. All together, dimensions of this collectible fetish are around 4 5/8" tall, 4 3/8" wide and 1" deep.


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