Ringing In Time Medicine Bear

By Daphne & Leland Boone

Animal: Bear, Material: Fordite
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Starting in the 1920s, auto manufacturers began painting cars using a hand-spraying technique to speed up the painting process. Overspray would accumulate in the paint bays. Over time, layer upon colorful layer built up to become what is called motor agate. Daphne & Leland Boone used this wonderful up-cycled material to carve a wonderful Medicine-bear (or Bear). As they carved and polished interesting metallic rings and contrasting stripes emerged creating fantastic designs giving a feeling of endless repetition and feedback. With eyes of inlaid turquoise and an offering of spiny oyster point this bear is about 3 1/2" long, 5/8" wide, and 2 5/8" tall.

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