Mojave Green Turquoise Shetland Pony with Pyritic Matrix By Maxx Laate

By Robin's Collection

Animal: Horse, Material: Mojave Green Turquoise
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Who wanted a Shetland pony (Horse) when they were a girl? I know I did. I finally obtained one from Maxx Laate. Maxx’s carving is so distinctive, he can absolutely transform a tricky stone into an intricate work of art. Mojave Green Turquoise has always intrigued me and when Maxx brought this into the shop, I fell in love. He painstakingly carved the heavy mane that Shetlands have on both sides and the curve of the body is perfect for how they sleep. A perfect pocket pony resting but ready to go when needed. This piece measures about 1 7/8" long by 3/4" wide with the turned head and is signed. Elahkwa, Maxx.

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