Mexican Fire Agate Frog

By Brian Yatsattie

Animal: Frog, Material: Mexican Fire Agate
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Fire agate gemstone deposits formed during the Tertiary Period, when geological conditions hosted massive volcanic activity. A shimmering iridescence known as the Schiller effect is caused by alternating layers of silica and iron oxide within the agate. They diffract and allow light to pass through and form a color interference within the stone’s structure, causing the fire effect for which it is named.

A mind-blowing and high-grade fire agate specimen from Mexico is now a glorious Frog. Stunning iridescent colors like red, orange-brown and green, similar to opal, formed within this approximate 1 1/4" long, 2" wide and 1" tall collector's piece. Brian Yatsattie is an incredible carver bringing forth amazing creatures from the most excellent natural materials available.

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