Melon Shell Bear Fetish Necklace

By Charles Martinez, Jr.

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This necklace is a show stopper! Charles Martinez, Jr. carved a beautiful Bear from the spiral of a melon shell, a very large type of sea snail. On the shell he overlaid an alternating heartline of red coral. A wonderful Dragonfly friend is incised on the bear. This bear pendant is about 2 1/2" from nose to tail and 1 1/4" long, with a red coral eye. Above the bear are several other carvings, all of them carry their own unique personality. Highest on the necklace are two Beavers, one is carved of luscious mother of pearl shell, the other of Picasso marble. There are two Eagles, again one is mother of pearl shell but the other is a rich green serpentine. There is a Frog of Picasso marble and a Badger of red coral. Just above the bear pendant are two graceful birds of mother of pearl shell. Each animal has inlaid eyes of black jetĀ or bright turquoise and range in size from 3/4" to 1 1/2" long. With a secure threaded clasp this necklace is 23" long. Signed by the artist.

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