Iridescent Mountain Lion

By Cheryl Beyuka

Animal: Mountain Lion, Material: Gold Lip Mother-Of-Pearl Shell
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Underwater a miraculous process occurs inside certain mollusks where a substance called nacre is released and hardens, creating mother-of-pearl. It is a lovely metaphorical name as this process happens inside the belly of the mollusk. Cheryl Beyuka's iridescent gold lip mother-of-pearl shell Mountain-lion (puma, cougar or panther) has discerning eyes from jet inlays. Mountain lions are ecosystem managers who foster biodiversity. As apex predators they keep ungulates alert and moving, preventing overgrazing and erosion of water sources. Kills provide food for other animals. Assorted beads, some of them faceted, are included in the offering bundle such as turquoise, lapis, shell, carnelian and coral in mixed harmony. A striking size at about 6" long, 3/4" wide and 1 5/8" tall.

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