"Incoming Blessings"

By Anthony Gchachu

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A procession of Sha'lak'o make their way through the snowy mountains heading to the Zuni Pueblo. Observing the moment, a heard of deer acknowledge the group with reverence while the a number of the young deer join in the trek with an air of excitement and joy. One of the larger pieces in Anthony Gchachu's "Land of the Sha'lak'o, Winter Solstice" series, this acrylic on canvas painting measures 36" wide by 24" tall and sits in a black wooden frame measuring 37 1/2" wide, 25 1/2" tall by 2" deep. The painting titled "Incoming Blessings" refers to the blessings carried by the Sha'lak'o to bestow upon the world to grace and sustain through to the next cycle or year. The canvas is signed, dated and labeled on the reverse. Additional shipping fees may apply. Please click here to learn more about Anthony's work.

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