"Harvest Dancer" Katsina

By Fred Bowannie Jr.

Animal: Harvest Dancer Katsina Doll, Material: Cottonwood
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Fred Bowannie, Jr.'s traditional "Harvest Dancer" katsina is intricately carved from cottonwood and painted with lively acrylics. Feast your eyes on the many different parts with exquisite details such as a headdress with colorful yellow, red and blue corn. Painted hovering Dragonflies are beneficial pollinators. Long hair is incised and accented with feather and ribbons, all incredibly carved. A kilt with sash and pelt, as well as moccasins are worn. Rattles are held. Including the cottonwood base with a three dimensional feature, measurements of this extraordinary woodwork representing the bounty are approximately 10" tall, 3 1/4" wide and 3 5/8" deep. Signed by the artist.

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