Happy Kingman Turquoise Ring

By Lambert Eustace, Cochiti-Zuni

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Indigenous cultures have revered turquoise for thousands of years, as it symbolizes a piece of the sky, beauty and life-giving water. It's said to lift your spirits with peaceful feelings. We adore Lambert Eustace's jewelry creations because they're of great quality and design. He comes from a talented family of jewelers that include his sisters Jolene and Bernadette Eustace, and the younger generation that include Eric Othole and Julius Eustace. Lambert's father was renowned jeweler Ben Eustace (d). His latest offering is a prized Kingman turquoise sterling silver ring, handmade and vibrating with wonderful natural color. This is a ring size 8 1/4, while it is about 3/4" long and 3/4" wide. Signed by the artist.

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