Frog, Dragonfly & Tadpole Olla Pottery Jar

By Anderson Peynetsa

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Zuni is a semiarid land and pottery prayer bowls are adorned with frogs for success as the summer rain season begins. A stylized triangular head and an oval body with curved legs are the traditional and essential way Frogs are depicted on pottery vessels like this stunning one by Anderson Peynetsa. Not only are there important water creatures like amphibians on this olla jar but also water-signifying Dragonflies and squiggly tadpoles. Masterfully hand-coiled with natural clay and exquisitely hand-painted with pigments, Anderson's collectible polychrome pottery olla jar is measuring about 7 1/4" tall, 8 1/2" wide and 8 1/2" deep. Signed by the artist.

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