Dinosaur Lover's Pendant and Earrings

By Eben Eustace Carlisle, Cochiti-Zuni

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Eben Eustace Carlisle's all hand-fabricated sterling silver and amazing dinosaur bone pendant and earrings are beautiful to wear and interesting to look at. Sometimes referred to as gembone these ancient bones have fossilized over time, each individual cell has been replaced with minerals like hematite, agate, quartz, marcasite or jasper, preserving the original cell structure of the bone. These gems tend to have patterns of color mixed in with dark lines and cells, which enhances the color of the stone. Eben used these colors and patterns to create an unbelievably easy to wear earrings and matching pendant. The earrings hang about 1 1/2" long, the pendant hangs 1 1/4" including the sterling silver bale. Each cabochon is about 3/4" square. Signed by the artist.

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