Colorful Corn Maidens And Owl Companions

By Kateri Quandelacy Sanchez, Zuni-Acoma

Animal: Owl, Material: Peacock Ore
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No one else carves the way Kateri Quandelacy Sanchez does as demonstrated in a conversation between two Corn Maidens and their Owl companions. Masterfully hewn from a sparkling blue, purple and turquoise peacock ore. The graceful maidens have gold lip faces with features carved and darkened with jet paste. At their necks rest pretty jewels of coral. The wise raptors have amazing eyes of jet inlaid gold lip shell. About 3" tall, 2" wide and 1 3/4" deep.

Our Keshi gallery will be hosting Kateri Quandelacy Sanchez for an Artist Reception during Market Weekend in Santa Fe, NM on Friday, August 16, 2024 from 3 pm to 6 pm.

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