Brave Bear Afoot

By Fred Bowannie Jr.

Animal: Bear, Material: Zuni Travertine
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Instinct and discernment will tell a Bear when it is time to move on, journeying with courage to a new destination. Fred Bowannie Jr.'s pen-shell eyed bear is already walking, carved from a lovely and indigenous stone from the Zuni Pueblo area called Zuni travertine. An offering necklace of shell, turquoise and natural branch red coral is attached to this approximate 2 1/2" long, 1" wide and 2" tall gorgeous bear carving.

Fred Bowannie Jr. is from the greater Natewa, Dallas Quam (d) and Panteah extended family of Zuni artists. His relatives include carvers Bryston and Calvert Bowannie.

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