Bluebird's Tidings Pendant Necklace

By Ray Tsalate

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Chirping and singing melodious songs heralding an early spring season is master artist Ray Tsalate's celebratory bluebird from lapis lazuli on a gorgeous ironwood perch, adorned with carved serpentine leaves, pink mussel shell, abalone and gold lip shell glorious blossoms. Expressive turquoise inlaid eyes, in addition to red coral, turquoise and serpentine inlays adorn this exquisite feathered friend. Faceted Tibetan turquoise, ruby rich garnet, decadent sapphire and brilliant lapis lazuli beads are strung on this approximate 25" long exclusive pendant necklace. The sunny bluebird (or perhaps a parrot) on perch pendant portion measures roughly 2" wide and 3/4" tall. The findings are from sterling silver as well as the lovely toggle closure. Extra shipping charges may apply.

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