Bison & Ponies Tufa Cast Cuff Bracelet

By Anthony Lovato, Kewa (Santo Domingo)

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Plowing head first through a mighty snowstorm are powerful Bison gracing Anthony Lovato's tufa cast sterling silver and Sleeping Beauty turquoise cuff bracelet. It was lovingly created in the labor-intensive tufa cast method. This is an exacting jewelry process involving cutting a tufa stone in half, smoothing out both surface sides, etching a sprue hole on top, then carefully carving out these buffalo in which Anthony poured in molten sterling silver. The gorgeous Sleeping Beauty turquoise cabochon compliments this work of wearable art in a truly colorful way. Inside this comfortable cuff bracelet, is Anthony's signature along with inspiring Horses. This collectible cuff bracelet's entire inner circumference is about 6" which includes the opening of about 1 1/4". Please click here for help in determining wrist size.

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