Large Honey Badger Six Directional

By Clive Hustito

Animal: Badger, Material: Zuni Travertine
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Clive Hustito's spectacular honey Badger sculpture represents the Six-Directions recognized in Zuni tradition. It is taught there are Six Directions in life with a specific color and animal associated with each one. Long ago the Father of Medicine Societies, Po-shai-an-kia established predatory animals as guardians of the Six Directions who are healing and protective. The indigenous stone has a gorgeous darker variation on the back region enhancing the classic badger markings we are all familiar with. This super tenacious badger is one of the Six Directional animals including a pen shell Mole, a marble Wolf, a Picasso marble Eagle, a turquoise Bear and a gold lip shell Mountain-lion. The creature's eyes are from either turquoise, lapis or sterling silver inlays. Nice and weighty, this magnificent work is approximately 9 3/4" long, 4" wide and 4 1/4" tall including the 2" tall perched raptor. Signed by the artist.

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