"Searching For Beauty"

By Anthony Gchachu

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Anthony Gchachu's original "Searching For Beauty" small painting is created in gorgeous gold leaf as well as appealing jewel-toned acrylics in a collectible work.

Hummingbirds are fierce warriors who migrate incredible distances. These little beings are the only vertebrae capable of sustaining long-term hovering. Numerous plants depend on a hummingbird's pollinating services as they quickly dart from flower to flower. Their sparkling jewel-like plumage and rapid movements startle us into focusing on unique and precious moments. Bringing beauty to the world, a hummingbird’s presence inspires us to taste the sweet essence and nectar of life. They inspire us to joyfully open our hearts to others, to receive love and to give it.

Let Anthony's captivating painting be an enjoyable reminder of a Hummingbird's natural qualities that teach us so much. Signed by the artist. The canvas itself is about 8" by 8". Framed measurements are approximately 9 1/2" by 9 1/2" by 2". Please click here to learn more about Anthony's work.

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