An Old-Style Mountain Lion

By Aaron Chapella

Animal: Mountain Lion, Material: Zebra Stone Marble
This offering is sold.

Theodore Kucate (d), one of the mid-century master carvers from Zuni, and his family members are known for carving "old style". If you have the Frank Cushing book titled "Zuni Fetiches" you will see exactly what Zuni fetishes looked like in the 1800's. Aaron Chapella is Theodore’s great grandson, Thelma Sheche’s grandson, and Lorandina Sheche’s son, and named after his grandfather Aaron Sheche (d). They are all well known for their old and now, unique style of carving. The fact that Aaron is carrying on this traditional style is tremendously important.

Aaron's zebra stone marble Mountain-lion is exquisite. Its tail is up and over the backside, in the old-style presentation. It has turquoise inlaid eyes, plus a quartz point with red coral and turquoise offering bundle. About 3 1/4" long, 5/8" wide and 1 1/4" tall.