Angel Skin Coral Cobblestone Inlaid Earrings

By Veronica Poblano

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Indigenous cultures have prized coral for its beauty regarding it as a gift from the ocean and a protective water spirit. Ancient Romans believed corals calmed the high seas. During the Victorian era, coral beads were worn to ward off evil. Among the many different varieties of beloved coral, pink angel skin coral is a particularly cherished one because of heavenly soft pink hues and rarity.

Veronica Poblano beveled generous pieces of angel skin coral like cobblestones resembling risen little loaves of bread to create this luxurious mosaic presentation. She also included lovely Kingman turquoise, scarce sugilite and pen shell in these earrings for pierced ears, skillfully setting the natural materials side by side in the challenging stone-to-stone jewelry technique. Borders are reticulated sterling silver.

About 1 5/8" long and 1 1/2" wide, with larger sterling silver backs to support the impressiveness of these earrings. Signed by the artist who is award-winning for designer jewelry creations and fetish carvings. Her father was iconic Zuni Pueblo carver Leo Poblano (d), the nephew of Teddy Weahkee (d). Teddy was known for his traditional fetish carvings, inlaid jewelry and other wonderful and important works.

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