Mother Red-Eared Slider Pyrogravure

By Cameron Kalestewa

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A mother Turtle tends to her cherished nest of eggs among the protective cattails. She's ensured a good life with her hatchlings because a Zuni rain cloud emitting gently falling rain, and energetic lightning bolts and stars dwell with her. Etched feathers and other pueblo-inspired elements adorn this approximate 12" tall, 10" wide and 1" deep pine wood pyrogravure by Cameron Kalestewa. This exquisite composition was intricately burnt out, accomplished with the pyrogravure art technique which involves burning a design on a surface such as wood, with a heated object. Vibrant acrylic paints are beautifully applied. A metal and cotton wrapped hook is provided to facilitate a suspension if desired. It's equally gorgeous laying flush to a surface. Signed by the artist. Extra shipping charges may apply.

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