De:hakdo:kwe "Olla Maiden"

By Bart Gasper, Jr.

Animal: Olla Maiden Katsina Doll, Material: Cottonwood Root
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Skillfully balancing pottery jars a top their heads, Zuni Olla Maidens dance in grace and tradition. Bart Gasper, Jr.'s De:hakdo:kwe "Olla Maiden" katsina doll has been masterfully carved from cottonwood root, to a height of approximately 13 1/2" tall, 3 3/4" wide and 4" deep, measurements include the base. We're astonished by Bart's mastery in wood carving because the clothing and boots demonstrate realistic soft folds. She wears a lovely dress called a manta secured by a sash belt and has white boots. Dazzling Hummingbirds and vibrant blooming flowers also adorn. Little corn cobs are held by hands decorated with crushed turquoise bracelets. A gorgeous pottery jar is also filled with crushed turquoise to represent water. It is hard to believe Bart created this extraordinary woodwork with no electric tools, only hand tools. Exquisite details are achieved by pyrogravure etching, carefully applied vivid acrylic paints and nice colored pencils. Signed by the artist.

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