Birds Of Legend Pyrogravure

By Cameron Kalestewa

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A red parrot or macaw and a Raven were inspired of a Zuni legend in which long ago, a priest named Yanauluha blew on his staff producing plumes and eggs. Two eggs were blue like the sky, while two eggs were earth-toned red. The People were asked to chose. Some selected the colorful blue eggs, which after much care and attention turned into a raven. The not so colorful eggs cracked and emerged into a vibrant parrot or macaw. Those who chose the raven became the Raven People or Winter People, while those who selected the macaw became the Macaw or Summer People.

Cameron Kalestewa also worked in sacred Corn Mountain or Dowa Yalanne in Zuni Pueblo, with a rising Sunface. The beautiful border has feather and arrow elements. These stunning designs were achieved with the pyrogravure art technique and acrylic paints on a pine slab. Measurements include beaded loop: approximately 10" long, 8 1/2" wide and 3/4" deep. Signed by the artist.

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