Robert Michael Weahkee - Artist Spotlight

At Keshi, we always look forward to a new batch of carvings from Robert. His carvings abound with personality and wit: sweet otters, coy hedgehogs, wise mountain lions, cheeky cats, motley raccoons, even suave coyotes in jaunty bandanas. There is joy and pride that shines through in Robert’s work. His firmly planted roots in family and traditions allow him to branch out, explore and innovate, resulting in creations that bring smiles and lift spirits. It is with our own joy and pride that we shine our Artist Spotlight on Robert Micheal Weahkee of the Zuni Pueblo.

  “Kesh[h]i (Hello) my name is Robert Weahkee, I’m a fourth generation carver from Zuni. I was taught by my grandmother [Edna Leki], she helped me carve my first serpent out of deer antler. I was always interested and amazed by what she was working on. Fast forward twenty years and I’m just scratching the surface of my artistic journey. When I’m creating, I have that sense of connection to my ancestors and family.

I would like to describe my work as whimsical and fun. My favorite medium to carve is elk/deer shed antlers, mostly from Zuni. Spring time is when I get to walk around and look for them, but I also buy from community members.

I strive on continuing my family’s business and making my contribution. 

Elahakwa and have a blessed day.”

“PS. I would love to say Elahakwa to the Keshi family for giving me the opportunity and supporting my art journey. I remember the first Zuni Show hosted by The Keshi Foundation during Indian Market, 2016. With the funds raised during the show I bought material to build my own workshop. I am truly grateful for everything.

Elahkwa, Robert"


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