Birds & Blooms Necklace

By Quintin Quam

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Omnipresent birds bring joy and contentment through their sweet songs and vibrant plumage. As pollinators, they keep ecosystems running smoothly through seed dispersement, all the while maintaining rodent and insect populations. They also fertilize forests and agricultural land. Zuni Pueblo master jeweler Quintin Quam's sterling silver overlay inlay necklace honors eight unique feathered friends in a museum quality piece. We happily see a lazuli bunting, a cardinal, a hooded oriole, a blue jay, a Hummingbird, a snowy Owl, an eastern bluebird and a scarlet macaw flocking together, presented with beautiful backdrops of flower and plant foliage including a few lovely Butterflies.

Quintin is a genius in working the overlay inlay jewelry technique, which requires great experience and patience in both lapidary and silversmithing skills. Each of the eight stations on this collectible necklace started out as sterling silver sheets that were laboriously sawed out to leave a negative space of design. Another piece of silver was annealed to it. Colorful stones and shells such as malachite, red and pink coral, turquoise, lapis, fossilized ivory, Mojave green turquoise, jet, spiny oyster shell, mother-of-pearl, jet and pen shell were meticulously hand cut and inlaid bringing to life this extraordinary work of art. Each bird is etched with amazing detail.

The overall length of this incredible necklace is about 29", which doesn't include the two center drop stations which by themselves measure about 4 3/8" long. The individual bird stations are approximately 2" long and 1 1/8" wide. Even the handmade silver chain is gorgeous. Signed by the artist.

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