Carved Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

By Jolene Eustace, Cochiti-Zuni

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The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mine is located near Globe, Arizona. It was closed around 2012 due to rising costs and regulations. Specimens of Sleeping Beauty turquoise seen today were mined before it closed, so they are prized. The copper content in the earth is what made this special variety of turquoise so vivid and blue as seen in Jolene Eustace's handmade reticulated sterling silver cuff bracelet. Each carved stone is the prettiest robin's egg blue color, if you will. Lovely 18K gold circles accent this cuff bracelet with an entire inner circumference of about 6 3/4", including the opening of approximately 1". The entire turquoise station including the settings measures about 2 1/4" long and 1" wide. Signed by the artist. Please click here for help in determining wrist measurements and best fit.

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