Happy Worker Bee Necklace

By Ray Tsalate

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A darling worker bee gathers pollen from blooming pink mussel shell flowers with serpentine leaves that grow in the rich ground, represented by beautiful ironwood. The pollinator's body is composed from carved mother-of-pearl, gold lip shell and pen shell, itself measuring a plump 3/4" long. Worker bees have pollen baskets on their back legs which they transport back to the hive as food for the growing brood. Precious pollen carried on their bodies might be transferred to another flower, where a tiny portion can rub off on the pistil, resulting in the important cross pollination process. The center station of this amazing, museum-quality necklace is about 1" long and 2" wide. The collectible necklace is about 26" long and is strung with a gorgeous graduation of faceted chrysoprase and lapis lazuli beads. A silver toggle closure is easy to use. An extraordinary work of wearable art by award-winning artist Ray Tsalate.

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