By Rosella Shack

Animal: Beaver, Material: Pipestone
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Tribal Nations like the Tulalip in Washington state have been working hard to bring beavers back home in a rewilding project. Colonizers viewed beavers as pests and drove them off the land. Today they are often seen as nuisance animals on the West Coast, destroyed by animal control companies if caught. Understanding the importance of water creatures in their natural habitats, the Tulalip Tribes have fought a long legal battle to gain permission to relocate beavers to ancestral lands. Yurok leaders say beavers are prominent in their oral traditions, living architects that have gone through the same struggles against European colonizers. They want beavers back to help manage the land like they used to. Following a historic win, the tribes began bringing beavers home in 2014.

Beavers are a key and vital species that enable ecosystems to function as they were intended. Research has also revealed that beavers can be used to lessen the spread of fire because beaver-populated land is too wet to burn, good news in our time of unprecedented wildfires. Become a Beaver believer with Rosella Shack's rich pipestone fetish. Floral sgraffito designs and two Zuni Sunface inlays, which represent the elements in balance are lovely additions. The Sunfaces are set with coral, jet, gold lip shell and turquoise. Beaver friend holds a little stick and eyes are from turquoise. Approximately 3 1/4" long, 1" wide and roughly 1 3/8" tall.

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