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Zuni fetishes are animal carvings that have been used by the A:Shiwi (The People) for over a thousand years. By honoring the animals and acknowledging their special "medicine" (their natural traits), we may summon our own similar attributes. Fetishes are sometimes used that way today. We can focus on the qualities we have that are like a certain animal. We can carry a fetish with us or keep it on a bedside table. Fetishes may be used to discover, enhance, or simply remember a connection with nature. Each of us has our own reason for taking care of a fetish. Be mindful and respect the spirit of the animal that your fetish represents.

The Zunis feel that it is the spirit within the fetish that is of value, not the object itself. The Zunis regard ceremonial fetishes in carefully dictated ways, while no strict guidelines apply to non-ceremonial fetishes. Keshi does not posses or sell ceremonial objects of any kind.

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