Eileen Yatsattie

"Eileen Yatsattie, a member of the Zuni Pueblo Tribe in western New Mexico, began to make pottery in 1973 at the age of thirteen. She has experimented extensively with traditional materials, dyes, and techniques. Eileen collects and processes her own natural clays, pigments, and plants, which she learned from a Zuni elder potter, Mrs. Josephine Nahohai. Eileen has also gained knowledge and guidance from accomplished potters such as the late Hopi potter, Daisy Nampeyo Hooee, and the late Acoma potter, Jennie Laate.

Eileen Yatsattie is an experienced potter. She continues to use the traditional methods her great grandmother, Catalina Zunie, and grandmother, Margaret Walela, used because of its ties to the Zuni religion and philosophy. All of her works reflect the rich spiritual culture of her Zuni heritage."

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