Bobby Shack

We are a living culture. We have our own languages, our ancestral places of origin, we have an extended family clan system. More importantly, we have our own traditional way of worship. A very specific ceremonial way of life. We have been gifted with beautiful and sacred songs, prayers, ceremonies and sacred materials, Eagle feathers, pipes, and sacred bundles. All these sacred materials were given the power, the life spirit to hear our sick, guide or people through times of difficulty or hardships to keep all life forms in harmony with the natural order of this beautiful universe created by Mother Earth.

Indian Religion is something that is not magic or secret. Indian Religion is protecting Air, Water, Land and Life, and without that you can't have peace. The items that have been taken from our reservations are priceless, you can put a value on life.

A lot of people think that we are superstitions people. But what we are involved in is our way of life, a spiritual way of life.

What is Art? Sacred Life spirit in the form of paraphernalia or in the form of a mask. Is not Art, it is not painting, it is not a sculpture. It is something other than that.

Written by Bobby Shack

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