By Anthony Gchachu

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The Zuni Pueblo New Year commences with the winter solstice. A new religious cycle begins. In celebration of this transition, an annual religious ceremony of great significance takes place where Sha’lak’o, a sacred being along with his attendant dancers arrive.

"Fall Turkey" is an original acrylic painting #23 from Zuni Pueblo artist Anthony Gchachu's Land Of The Shalako series. Late autumn's vibrant blue, fiery red, green and yellow colors live in a bountiful evergreen and aspen meadow, where two Sha'lak'o make their journey home to Zuni Pueblo for the important doings. Several colorful Turkeys follow closely walking on crunchy fallen leaves. You can almost reach out and touch their downy feathers, especially the large bird that passes by perhaps a rock outcropping or stream, that's represented with bold blue hues. A magnificent composition that vibrates with positive energy and visually pleases because of the beautiful play on light, all to honor the Sha'lak'o. About 20" by 20", hand-stretched canvas that's unframed. Signed by the artist. Extra shipping charges may apply.

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