Anthony Gchachu

A member of the A:Shiwi (Zuni Pueblo), Anthony, like many Zuni members, hails from a family generationally rich in talent with potters and jewelers. Raised in Zuni, Anthony left the Pueblo in 2015 to attend the Institute of American Indian Art, in Santa Fe. The natural landscape of northern New Mexico has served as an inspiration, fortified by many road trips through sweeping views that would become the backdrop to Anthony’s current “Land of The Shalako” series. Using specific color schemes, Anthony captures the vibrant New Mexico terrain during the winter and fall seasons. Layered acrylic paints bring texture, depth and incredible movement, all working in unison to inspire emotion.

We are immensely blessed to host Anthony’s beautiful works as well as count him as part of the Keshi team. We benefit daily from his artistic point of view and keen observation in helping visitors to find their way to Zuni art work.

Below is a description provided by Anthony to accompany his “Land of the Shalako” series, including a wonderful video filmed by the media firm 131 Images.


An evolving Native American artist in the 21st century, Anthony Gchachu is inspired by nature, architecture and the “movement” of the world. His message to the world reflects the stories of perseverance and the journey of life. “Everyone is put in different situations and challenges and ultimately, we can evolve from wherever we stand.” His multidisciplinary art is a progression of imaginings beginning with A:shiwi iconographies from time immemorial to contemporary transformations captured in varying perspectives in the Land Of The Shalako Series. Gchachu’s latest series Land of The Shalako portrays images of deer, birds, and wildlife, signifying and honoring loved ones whom were lost throughout the pandemic. The playful yet powerful scenes are depicted by using beautiful vibrant colors of red, yellow and blue brush strokes. Capturing breathtaking views of distant mountains and forest tree lines are inspired by endless drives through forest in New Mexico. Each painting expresses emotions of joy, happiness and a vision for hope. Gchachu’s passion for painting provides a beauty in the world like no other.

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